• EU-Shatigon - 100g
1 unit you buy = 100gold!
 We may contact you via email if you make any mistakes!

What to write in Shipping information:

For Auction House delivery method, we will need:
Full name of an item or items you put on sale(it should be lvl50 gear, if possible crafted);
Precise prices for both "Bid" and "Buy now";
"Buy now" price should be the same as the amount of gold you bought +5% tax + price of gear, if you bought it from AH(we pay tax and gear cost for you);
Items should be placed for 24hours sale;
Max price for 1 item "Buy now" should be 1050-1070g (if you put few items, please make their prices diverse:1051g, 1053g, etc);

For Trade delivery method, we will need:
Your character nickname and faction (East or West);
Time, when you could meet in Mirage Isle and take gold (provide us what time you used UTC or PDT);
We offer gold for best price and deliver it at best pace on EU-Shatigon

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EU-Shatigon - 100g

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